School of Practice.


Who We Are.

Define Yoga is a contemporary school of Yoga, meditation and philosophy, and a space sharing centre which brings together those satiated by self study and practice.

Define began in 2012 as a mobile vocational institute offering Yoga teacher trainings, retreats and continuing education programs for Yoga enthusiasts, and has since found cozy refuge in Blank Page Studios in Kensington, Calgary.

We are passionate knowledge seekers, somatic explorers, artists, humble wonderers, philosophers, students, professionals, entrepreneurs, writers and teachers who take keen interest in the living practice of Yoga.

What We Do.

Define Yoga School offers select yoga classes in philosophy, posture and meditation, and registered courses and teacher trainings in yoga and meditation. We provide a unique physical space for others to share their skills and teachings. Through public participation, we strive to challenge conventional definitions in society and culture, most particularly, the definition of Yoga.

Rabbit Hole Project

Rabbit Hole.

Rabbit Hole engages modern technology to transform our experience in traditional public spaces into a more conscious happening. Using wireless headsets and pre-recorded meditations, Rabbit Hole provokes people to dig deep into the rich layers of sensory experience often remised from public and social space.

Field Trip Project

Field Trip.

Interposing dialogue on community, culture, history and mindfulness into walking meditations that explore the Kensington and Sunnyside neighbourhoods, Field Trip calls a youthful sense of adventure to our social habitats and communities. Episode 1 to be released January 2017.

Lyceum Project

The Lyceum.

The Lyceum, founded by Aristotle, was an informal institution whose members conducted philosophical and scientific inquires about the world and the nature of the self. Philosophical research was done in partnership between teachers and students. Our philosophy group meets on Tuesday evenings to discourse on topics in Yoga philosophy.

Where We're At.

Define Yoga is housed inside of Blank Page Studios, an environment dedicated to idea development. It is a space for people committed to the growth of independent projects and mindful, local business. By sharing resources, knowledge and maintaining accountability to a professional practice we intend to foster new ideas and explore creative process. Learn more.

Define It For Yourself.