School of Practice.


Who We Are.

Founded in 2011, Define Yoga School is a contemporary school of Yoga and meditation, certified by the Yoga Aliance.

Define Yoga School has hitherto served as a mobile vocational institute which trains and certifies aspiring Yoga teachers, and provides continuing education programs and trainings for Yoga teachers and education based retreats and courses for Yoga enthusiasts curious to learn more about Yoga and philosophy.

Our teachers are industry experts and professionals with eclectic skill sets, who share 30 years of teaching experience.

What We Do.

Our mission is to create both a unique space for learning and the instructional expertise necessary for the student's exploration of the 8 limb path of Yoga. This includes offering affordable access for our members to regularly scheduled classes, and in facilitating opportunities for their continuing education through registered courses and curriculum based learning, centred on the 8 limb path.

Where We're At.

Define Yoga is housed inside Blank Page Studio, a Calgary management cooperative.

Blank Page Studio is a space for people dedicated to the advancement of innovative practices and ideas in art, architecture, design, and culture.

1221 B Kensington Rd. NW
Calgary, AB T2N 3P8
t: 403-990-7916

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